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A Travel Company that do Full Package Layovers , managed by

Emirates Cabin Crew Family,


Assisted by a group of ; Emirates Redundant & Ex-Cabin Crew , And a Team of

Passionate Professional, English Speaking & Photographer Egyptologists.

L a y o v e r    P a c k a g e
(Private Guided Tours+ Transportations + Accommodation)


Important one of the seven wanders of the world that should be ticked of your bucket list

How often have you said out loud, “I would love to see Egypt someday…” or “My dream in life is to see the pyramids”?
Now you can stop talking about it and do it! You can see the places in the world where legends were born. See the places you’ve only dreamed about or have seen in pictures. We make it easy to have your travel dreams come true. Yes, now you can travel worry-free and have the adventure of a lifetime! Make use of your days off.

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