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Why Cairo Layover ?

  • Nothing is as Homey as being hosted by a Cabin Crew’s family

  • Nothing is as Worry-free as going to a Cabin Crew’s family operated Layover

  • Nothing is as Fancy as staying in an En-suite Accommodation in Villa

  • Nothing is as Safe as a 24 hrs. CCTV monitored  and security protected Compound in Cairo

  • ​ Nothing is as Welcoming  as checking a one evening prior to you Cairo Layover Tours so that you maybe well rested  for your Excursions


  • Nothing is as Comfy as having your personal car

  • Nothing is as Convenient as having your personal chauffeur who takes care of your security at the same time


  • Nothing is as Informative as having a private passionate, professional English speaking photographer Egyptologist.


  • Nothing is as Flexible as extending your stay according to your wish and availability


  • Nothing is as Relaxing as changing the tour plan according to your need


  • Nothing is as Organized as having a Planned Tour for the full day not just for half of the day


  • Nothing is as Reasonable as to paying less and getting more tours and services


  • Nothing is as Promising and Approachable as talking about your concerns and to someone who lives in Dubai.

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