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Cairo Layover does absolutely everything to ensure you have a fantastic Layover. Prior to your Cairo Layover, you will receive a copy of our Station Specifics and Briefing  that’s intended to serve you as a guide.


Cairo Layover Station Specific

  • What to Wear & dress code in Egypt?

  • What to Bring?


  • General Tips

  • FAQS

Cairo Layover Briefing

Cairo Layover will help you with the following


- Visa Assist

Usually you need to apply to your Egyptian Consulate in Dubai General for a pre-entry tourist visa but if you are from North America, Western Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Brazil/Argentina or Hong Kong/Japan/Macau/Malaysia or Singapore you can get your tourist visa upon arrival in Egypt.​

  • For those who can get their tourist visa on arrival in Egypt, We can get you the visa prior your arrival in Egypt without any extra fees (25 USD)., Its just to save you the time of getting it in the Airport.

- Flight Selection and Flight loads


Cairo Layover has a good database of the airlines and flights you can get to your Cairo Layover with your discounted tickets. Cairo Layover helps you as well in checking the loads of your flights.


- Complimentary Egyptian SimCard

Cairo Layover will provide you with a complimentary Egyptian sim-card to use during your stay. The Sim-card comes with complimentary Huge package of local calls and mobile date enough for your Cairo Layover. You can keep in touch with family and friends back home and update them on the spot with your pictures and videos .


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