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* Cairo Layover Packages 


We have several packages to accommodate almost any need, or you can let us create a custom Layover.

Travel with us to the land of the pyramids, where you will see ancient mysteries revealed before your eyes! Our specialists will share with you their extensive knowledge of Egyptian history and artifacts as you gaze upon ancient wonders like the Sphinx and the pyramids at Giza.

We have different Packages  thats include tours with professional Egyptologist and security and private chauffeur during you whole layover and accommodation (except for the one-day layover).

  1. One DAY Cairo Layover

  2. One NIGHT Cairo Layover

  3. Two Full Days Cairo Layover 

  4. Three Full Days Cairo Layover

  5. Four Full Days Cairo Layover 

  6. Luxor & Aswan Layovers

- Like the special meals you offer ON-BAORD, we offer special packages

If you can’t find a package to suit your needs? Let us create a custom package for you. Tell us where you want to go, how many days and nights you want to spend on your trip, and what kinds of tours and sightseeing you’re most interested in. We’ll create a package with your own tour guides and everything! Prices vary. Group rates are available.