In Dubai, we can see Burj Khalifa the highest modern building on earth but in Egypt, we are proud to have the highest ancient building on earth from more than 4500 years ago and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world! Together with our private Professional Photographer Egyptologist , the layover leader "the father" and the private chauffeur and security man we will know more about the story how they build it.  We can explore one those pyramids and the tfrom inside . We will explore the area to see the queens’ pyramids and Giza Pyramids Panorama where we can take photos for the three pyramids. You will go for a complimentary camel ride in the dessert to enjoy and take amazing pictures for the nine pyramids found in the area . Then we will continue walking to visit the sphinx; (the half-lion, half-human Sphinx) the largest statue in Ancient Egypt. We will also visit the Valley Temple where the Pharaohs were mummified.

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