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Two Full Days
C a i r o    L a y o v e r

( Crew most favorite)

( Layover with the Highest Bids  )

This is like what is called (Full Meal) Service.

If you don’t want to just say I went to Cairo, but to enjoy the sightseeing places with more time, more pictures, relaxed, this time you can get to know bit of the culture and mingle with its people

This is the Layover which most crew recently have bid for.

( Itinerary )

Day Three

+ Complimentary Breakfast 

 * Check out CL Suite


** Drop off at the Airport

Day one   


** Pick up from the airport 

- Egyptian Museum 


- Khan El Khalili and old Cairo

+ Complimentary Dinner in a Egyptian Ambiance  

* Check in CL Suite    

Day Two

+ Complimentary Breakfast 

- Sphinx and the Pyramids at Giza

- Coptic Area

+ Optional Oriental Egyptian lunch.
(set menu for an additional charge)  

- Felucca Ride on the Nile     

Regardless your landing time in Cairo The contents of the Itinerary won't change, its just the order that can slightly differ relative to traffic conditions to serve your Cairo Layover in the most efficient way.

For a early morning departure flights, you will enjoy a c
omplimentary grab and go breakfast

- Light Option

We can drop or add any of the mentioned sightseeing spots from the packages and change the layover plan

- Longer Layover on Demad

If you found yourself details of history, you want to see and know more about the city and its people. We will be happy to hear that, approach us and ask if you can extend your stay for another day or two and we will be glad to extend your stay with respect to other reservations that we have.

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