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The Father

The father is a recently retired Engineer who had a long Experience in multinational Companies, lived, visited many countries, and worked with many nationalities.
During your stay He is your tour leader. He will be helping and guiding you during your layover from the moment the aircraft land in Cairo till it takes off.
Together with our Egyptologists, he is going to make sure that your tour efficient, fun and exciting.



The Mother

The mother has studied Arts literature, she is a real stay-at-home mom. She is hands-on housewife. She got to know a lot about hospitality from her brother who have long experience in 5 stars hotel management inside and outside Egypt. She is happily maintaining Cairo Layover’s Accommodation standards together with the help of the daughter



The Daughter

She is a teacher assistant in one of the most multinational Egyptian universities . Her attention to details’ skill makes her good in keeping the accommodation standards. She is going to be happy to ask her anything and to receive any feedback or request during your stay.



The Son



Simply he is a cabin crew and he knows well what makes a layover exciting, comfortable and what a cabin crew wants. He is the family's manual whom they always come back to.

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